Best Mutual Fund in Mid cap category for next 5 yrs ?

I would like to know which mutual funds should one buy with long term view considering long term , Which Midcap mutual fund can be bought right now ?

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    • Abhishek

      Yea .. its a nice one . But do you think it has best composition for long term value creation . I would rather want to invest in something which has more of small cap orientation .


    • vipul rastogi

      Sundaram BNP Paribas Select Midcap Reg is above average risky more suitable for rallies, where u can get high returns (40% av return since inception)
      IDFC Premier Equity Plan A – is better for a person with lesser risk appetite . it has given 28% av return since inception.


        Hi Manish,

        Just wanted to know your reasons in selecting the fund DSPBR Small and Mid Cap
        ?. ValueResearchonline link which you have given, shows its just 10.66% CAGR since 2006 (Launch year) for the said fund.

        Chandrakant D

  1. teejay.tarun

    Yeah with mid cap there is high risk… I own a stock that gave me 300% return in 4 months, but I thought of long term and 1/3 gain are lost in next 5 months when index itself increased 20%:)

    • Which mid cap is that ? I am sure you should not sell it right now , as the rally was mainly due to the large cap stocks and generally after that midcaps and small caps rally :) . So wait for it to give you some good return and then atleast partial book the profits or all . And then be back in next falldown .

      • teejay.tarun

        its a small cap … ‘Concurrent infra India’ U must have heard about it if you follow Arun.

        I have been following him for 2-3 years … Don’t know if he is operator or not but his small cap recommendation are amazing :)

        • @Tarun,

          Its interesting and congrats for making 300% profit in short period. Btw, who is Mr.Arun and how are you following him ? Is he writing in any blog or working for any brokerage house ?. If you never mind, unlock ur secret so that others can also benefit out of him.

          :) :) :)

          Thanks – Siva

          • Well, Tarun, you have been plain lucky.
            Avoid these ‘tips’, otherwise you will be left with a ‘chip’!!!
            Do due analysis before getting into a unknown scrip.
            Invest in Mid cap and small cap funds and you should do good money without the accompanying headache.

  2. teejay.tarun

    just discovered one stock “Tata global Beverages” … it is owned by so many funds…

    most importantly, it is one of few stocks who broke above jan 2008 highs… also breaking out of last 4 years range…

  3. ajay

    IDFC Premier Equity – A Consistent performance since last years.

    DSP-BR Micro Cap Fund – RP A closed ended fund which has recently become open ended.

    I have a SIP in both. both rated five stars by Vlaueresearch


    I would bet on small cap… high risk / high return .. I expect recently launched Reliance Small Cap fund to be the dark horse because Reliance comes across as pretty aggressive fund house.

  5. vazzy

    DSP Black Rock Small and Midcap fund – for guys with high risk appetite – can provide a real sweetener to the portfolio during rallies.

  6. jitendra solanki

    My take would be:

    DSPBR Small & Midcap
    Birla Sun Life MId Cap
    Sundaram Select Midcap Fund
    IDFC Premier Equity Fund.

  7. sreedhar raj

    Why have everybody forgotten Sundaram SMILE Fund.???? It an actively managed fund. Good thing about having SIP with SUNdaram AMC (like SMILE or select midcap) is that the minimum SIP amount is only Rs. 250/- p.m. Whereas take the case of IDFC Premier Equity-plan A where the minimum SIP is Rs. 2000/-p.m. So, one can easily allocate a small amount to SMILE or Select MIdcap to give a kicker in returns..

  8. Ramesh Mangal

    My vote goes to IDFC Premier Equity Plan A.
    Perhaps, the only fund which stops taking money during times when the fund manager thinks the time is not correct. Though the SIPs are affected.

  9. mkshahi

    if midcap , i would bet on IDFC Premier Equity – A . I have been investing in this for a few years now and it seems to be an excellent option.


    Sundaram SMILE & Select Mid Cap though good return-generating funds have extremely low downside protection. As @vipul noted, these have performed well during rallies but fall big during downtrend.

    Birla Sun Life Dividend Yield, IDFC Premier Equity Plan A, HDFC Mid-Cap Opportunities, HDFC Equity Fund are some of the best mid-cap oriented funds with good downside protection. Check them out.

  11. Hvishal

    Hi All

    I’m new to this MF and SIPs. Can somebody explain me how to invest in these instruments, i.e. what do I need to do or who to approach to buy these MFs. Do I need to open demat account. Do I need to approach any dealer/broker to buy those funds. Is there any guide explaining on how to purchase/manage MF and calculations on returns for a novice invester.

  12. ashalanshu

    Dear HVishal, you do not need a demat account. Please contact the AMC of your choice say HDFC fund or DSP Blackrock or ICICIPru, Quantum etc. first they ‘ll demand your KYC documents to make you KYC compliant and then only you can invest in the MF of that AMC or any other AMc of your choice. If you do have netbanking, you can invest online, else you can invest offline also.



  13. Mustafizur Rahaman


    Just a curious question, would you like to share what midcap fund you had chosen from the above discussion?

  14. rajkanwar321

    I agree with most of the above regarding Birla Sun Life midcap fund. You can check here for your reference

    I found their expertise very helpful and their vision to maximize gains through investments in stocks very intriguing. Our investments are in the right hand with their careful selection and constant tracking. Best of luck in your search.

  15. hanif

    best in midcap funds is ICICI PRU value discovery. Has given the returns of plus 25% CAGR over long term since inseption.

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