I want to invest in banking sector.Which is best option for me banking bees or a sip in mutual fund(reliance banking fund).I dont know much about banking bees,but my financial planner has told me to invest in banking bees,instead of a monthly sip in reliance banking fund.Please help me regarding this matter what should I do?

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1 Ramesh July 16, 2011 at 11:22 am

So, first a pharma fund exposure. Now another sectoral fund (banking). Your whole portfolio is kind of haywired (tho, you have made money).

Having sectoral funds / stocks per se is not bad, but since you have “no idea” about capital markets, I feel you are playing with fire.

Regarding your particular query, Banking BEES requires you to have a Demat account, and you will be incurring brokerage costs with each buy/sell of yours. refrain from it is my sincere advice. Another aspect of bees is that you can buy/sell at any time during market hours, which will more often persuade you to try and time it. eg. bees may trend downwards during morning of your buy date, you will be tempted to get more if it goes down more. In some time, you will start following it. With a demat account, you will then be tempted to go for more exotic instruments (like futures, options, etc etc). You already have the beginner’s luck, so everything is even more tempting.

In short, opt for Reliance banking retail fund (G), out of the two. (even if you already have a demat account).

But go for diversified equity fund like reliance regular savings fund-equity option. Or even for reliance equity opportunities (has the same fund manager as reliance pharma fund).


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