I got the PAN card when I was in a rented house now I moved to some other place. Is it required to change my address for PAN?

I have not got any refund from IT dept for the tax returns I filed four years back. Does all the mails from IT dept goes to the address mentioned while getting the PAN card or it goes to the address mentioned in the IT return?


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1 ashal jauhari August 16, 2011 at 4:10 am

Dear Advait, the income tax refunds go to the address mentioned in your Income Tax Return. For past years’ refund, you may check the same from the following link.

Regarding the address change in your PAN database, you have the option to update your current address/permanent address. You can do so by filling the PAN data updation form, available online at

You may also fill the offline form. In case you want a reprint of your PAN Card you may tick the same while applying for address updation.




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