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4 important things to complete when you Close your Home Loan

It’s a dream of most of the homeowners to own a house without any loan on their head. It’s a great moment in their life, when they pay the final EMI of their home loan or pre-pay the full outstanding balance and clear the home loan fully. It’s a moment of pride and happiness. It’s a great relief for someone who was paying the EMI from so many years continuously. However in that excitement, a lot of people do not […]


What is “Undivided Share in Land” and why it should be in mentioned your agreement ?

You bought your “Dream Home” and you are on top of the world. The joy and pride you have after buying your home is amazing. The property is at great location and the prices are appreciating, and you feel you are the Hero ! . Now you want to sell your flat for some reason and you are more than confident that you will get a buyer and the deal will take just few weeks and you will be bathing […]


The Scam called “Sample Flat” – Learn how builders trap property buyers

One of the biggest traps for real estate buyers are “Sample Flats”. When you visit properties sites to inquire about any under construction properties or ready for possession flats, the builder or the sales person there shows you a “Sample Flat”. The moment you look at a sample flat, something happens to you. The sample flat is so beautiful and mesmerizing that, you feel like you are in love again, some kind of beautiful music starts playing in your head […]


Crisil Real Estate Star Ratings (Crest) – Something which can help Real estate Investors

Today I am going to share with you information about the CRISIL Real Estate Star Rating (CREST). It’s a product by CRISIL that rates a real estate project based on numerous parameters relevant to different entities such as investors and lenders. You can visit the CRISIL Rating page on its website Parameters checked by CRISIL for rating a Real estate Project ? There are various things that determine the final quality of a project and how good or bad it is. […]


10 things to check before buying a home or Property in India

Buying a property is a one time decision for many. Its a moment when you are excited, stressed and many a times in hurry!. You look at some properties and one of those properties give you that feeling of “that’s my dream home”. You get attached to something special about the property and every other aspect looks fine to you. On top of it, you feel you want to block the property as soon as you can and get into […]


20 terms which will Super Charge your Real Estate knowledge !

The biggest tool an investor has is knowledge on his side. But when it comes to real estate, we can see a lot of investors do not pay a lot of attention to smaller details which can create big problems for them. Today I want to hand over to you a real estate terminologies toolkit, which will explain various things to you in most simple and shortest way. When you go out to buy your home next, you will not […]


How Ready Reckoner rates by Govt affect real estate Prices ?

A lot of investors wonder how the real estate prices go up and down (do they?) over years. A very big role in the movement of real estate prices is played by something called as “ready reckoner rates” . Ready reckoner rates for each area in city is defined by the the state govt. Let us understand this thing in detail. what is ready reckoner rates Ready Reckoner rates are the prices of land, residential properties, and commercial properties for […]


8 things in Real Estate Regulations Bill which can affect Property Prices

It has been 5 yrs when the first draft of Real Estate Regulatory Bill came and then there were many amendments in it over the years. However on 4th June 2013, it was passed by cabinet and now the next step is to table it in parliament this monsoon season and if our country people are really lucky, it will finally become a ACT of law. Real Estate Sector is hugely unorganised and against buyers We all know that real […]