Mutual Funds

3 parameters to look at before you pick your mutual fund house !

There are more than 40 mutual fund houses (AMC) in India and every investor has his own favorite mutual fund house to pick. We hear about best mutual funds on various websites, hoardings and even look at their performance on valueresearchonline and then choose them for lumpsum investment or starting our SIP. But on what parameters do you choose these mutual fund houses (not mutual fund) ? Will you pick Birla Sunlife or DSP BlackRock ? Will you choose HDFC […]


PPFAS Enters Mutual Fund Business with “PPFAS Long Term Value Fund”

You must have heard the name of Parag Parikh, the veteran who has spend decades in the Indian stock markets. He runs PPFAS (Parag Parikh Financial advisory services) . They have been running PMS scheme for quite a while now, since 1996!. They have been practicing value investing from decades and now they have decided to enter the mutual fund space, not just as another also ran, but with a very clear focus. They want value investing to be the prime focus of investing […]


Direct Plan of Mutual Funds – Everything you wanted to learn about it !

A lot of buzz is going around “Direct Plan” when it comes to Mutual funds. A lot of investors still don’t understand the full impact of Direct Option and if they should invest in the same old way or with this new option. In this article – we are going to unearth all the aspects of Direct and Normal Option of investing in mutual funds. Direct Plan in Mutual Funds – What does it mean ? SEBI few months back announced that […]


Why you should stop looking at ‘Past Performance’ in Mutual Funds

One day, a calf needed to cross a forest in order to return to its pasture. No one before this had ever ventured in to the forest. Without any rational, it forged out a long and difficult path full of bends, uneven ground and steep climbs. The next day, a dog took the same path following the calf’s footprints and a flock of sheep followed. As the path started taking some sort of visible shape, men started using the same […]


6 changes in mutual funds done by SEBI recently – Good or bad ?

Recently, SEBI has made some of the biggest changes in mutual fund regulations to revive the mutual fund industry.  Some of the measures which are made are said to be helping AMCs and distributors more than investors. We will look at 6 major changes done in the meeting and the full detailed circular will come in few days. 1. Higher expense Ratio allowed Do you know that close to 45% of mutual funds money comes just from Mumbai? Around 87% […]


Best Mutual Funds House [Graph]

Which is the best mutual fund House ? Is HDFC better than DSP Black Rock or Reliance ? A very good way of looking at it is to see all the equity oriented mutual fund schemes of a fund house and check how many of them have outperformed its benchmarks in different time frames like 3 yr, 5 yr and 7 yrs? For instance, Birla Sun life which has 16 equity funds with more than 5 yrs of history, but […]


Mutual Funds Performance vs Benchmark Performance

How would you judge whether you have scored good marks in an exam? How do you define “good”? If you had very very easy test and most of the questions were easy, would you call 80/100 a great score? NO! . In the same way, if the exam was very very tough and made everyone cry, but you scored 75/100. Would you call it a great score then? Yes! So the point I want to make is there’s always a benchmark […]


5 difference between stock & mutual funds Investing

When we say Equity, what comes to your mind – Stock or Equity Mutual Fund? While a single stock or a mutual fund both comes under the category of Equity and they are good option for long-term investment and needs periodic review. There are some differences between stock investing and mutual fund investing that is done by a common man. It’s a good idea to know where they differ and in which situation they differ, so that one can take […]