Health Insurance

Buying Health Insurance in India? Follow this 13 point checklist

A lot of changes has happened in health insurance industry over last 5 yrs. The overall health insurance industry to some level is standardized and new regulations are in place. A lot of investors have bought their mediclaim policies many years back when rules were raw and when few things were in favor of insurers, not investors. Given the changes, I thought, it’s the time to edit the whole article written long back and update all the points. So here […]


4 benefits of a group health insurance cover from employer !

It is common nowadays for salaried employees working in big companies to have a group health insurance cover from their employer. Some firms provide health cover to the employee, his spouse, and his children while the more generous ones also extend this cover to the employee’s parents. In this article, I want to help you understand in some detail, what exactly constitutes group health cover. I will also cover the benefits of group health insurance policies that are not available […]


4 kind of exclusions in your health insurance policy which are NOT covered

When health insurance claims are rejected, it disappoints the customer more than anything else. Its a disappointing moment for the policy holder, when his trust is lost in company and he starts feeling that he was a fool to buy the health insurance policy at the first place and waste his premium, because companies are just fraud, who wants to loot the customers, by giving silly reasons for not settling the claim. They feel companies are coming up with unreasonable […]


Bought Health Insurance ? Here are 4 things you should do after that !

Have you bought health insurance? If you answer is NO, then you are lagging way behind the crowd and the best thing for you to do, is to get health insurance cover immediately. But if you have already insured yourself, then you have reached an important milestone and are probably feeling relaxed about your financial burdens. After all, if you are hospitalized, someone else will have to foot the bill, and not you. Congratulations!!, But now, the question is, are […]


4 reasons why you should avoid Health Insurance policies from Banks with cheap premiums !

Do you come across health insurance policies from Bank with surprisingly low premiums and with amazing features and benefits , which makes you feel you should not miss this offer ? Today I will give you good enough idea about those health insurance policies and will help you understand the limitations of those health insurance policies from bank and why you should avoid them in most of the cases. Lets start. Background about Health Insurance policies offered by Banks ? […]


Term plan or Health Insurance ? Which is more Important if you have limited money ?

Few weeks back, I posted an interesting question on our Facebook Page asking – “Given limited money – which is more important product to buy from security point of view – Term Insurance or Health Insurance ?” . Lets say there is a guy – who wants both a term plan and a health insurance for his family and he only has Rs 10,000 per annum left with him, now he can either buy a 1 crore term plan for […]


How Insurance Companies Work – The Ultimate Guide to understand their Business Model

I have written almost every possible article on Life Insurance and even Health Insurance, but strangely I still find a lot of investors asking questions which clearly shows that somehow, somewhere they do not understand what is the underlying business model of  insurance business and how are the products designed overall. Let me use simple stories and recreate some examples which will show you how things work in any insurance business. Lets move on .. I see a lot of […]


Top up & Super Top up Health Insurance Covers – How they work ?

What do you do when you want to take a very high health insurance cover like 20 lacs? Is the only option a regular health insurance plan? In this case, you can use top up health insurance plans, which are one of the best ways to enhance your health cover after a certain threshold? In this article lets understand how top up and super top up health plans work and how they benefit you. So we will understand both “top up […]