Review of Portfolio management softwares in India – MProfit, Perfios, Intuit

Which Portfolio Management Softwares do you use ? Some of the Portfolio Management Softwares in India are MProfit, Perfios, Intuit and Investplus and we will see a detailed review of these portfolio trackers in detail. Portfolio Management & monitoring is an important part of managing a good financial life and if your financial life has different components like Real Estate, Loans, Life Insurance Policies, Mutual funds, stocks and ULIP’s. You can also track your portfolio using Excel and there are lot of templates also, but it can be a tedious task to monitor which part of your financial life is doing well and how much worth do you have at each level using an excel template for Portfolio management. Hence, you can use portfolio management software which suits your needs. There are tons of Free portfolio management softwares which you can start with

Best Portfolio Management Softwares in India

There are many paid as well as free portfolio trackers available in the market which you can use to track and manage your financial data. I really recommend using one of these so that you have all the data at one place and you don’t need to struggle every time to find out your own information. Once we put all the information at one place, we get a clearer and a complete picture, which we don’t get otherwise… We are amazed to see our clients find out that they are worth so much or worth so less once we start discussing with them their financial life data.

Some important features of Portfolio management softwares

Now we will discuss some of the most important aspects of portfolio management softwares in India . These points are top level concerns of customers.

Data Security of Portfolio Management Softwares

A very big concern which most of the people have is where will their financial data be (example) ? Will it be on their local computer or will it is at third-party server and this becomes a big blocking point for them to go for those products which stores their data at their end itself. Here I am not talking about the login & password, but the actual numbers of their financial details. A lot of people don’t want their info to reside on other servers. I personally don’t buy that argument, but that’s a big concern for a lot of people. In a survey done by JagoInvestor last month, the number one concern which people had was data security, ahead of pricing and features.

Regarding the security of login credentials, with the advancement in technology and strong security advancements, it has become virtually 99.999% secure if not 100%. A lot of solutions also give an option for users to link their bank accounts, credit card and other online accounts by providing the passwords. A lot of people do not know how it works internally…

An online money manager will work well only if you provide online access to banking accounts for a one-time setup. This raises security concerns, but here is how it works. The login username and password for individual online banking accounts is used to retrieve read-only data. The ‘transaction password’ for online banking should be different from the ‘login password’ for greater security. You don’t have to reveal your ‘transaction password’. Customers do not have to give any personally identifiable information, making the process safer. Moreover, the account is completely anonymous and requires only a username and password. All the banking accounts are linked to provide consolidated data. In the consolidation process, vendors will have access to your financial records on a read-only basis, but privacy policies of these entities should prevent abuse of information. – source : moneylife

Features provided

I was surprised to see that in our survey, most of the people voted for high features and less on simple features. I personally thought that most of the people will love to have something which provides them less, but rich data. But actually people look for lot of features giving them number of reports and graphs. It’s very important for someone using the software getting more analysis and suggestions on what one should do in their financial life rather than just getting some plain info which they would have done on their own. Most of the software providers give good analysis along with different type of reports and charts which you can download in excel formats.

Easy to use

It’s extremely important that the softwares are easy to use because no one would put a lot of time to feed the data at the start and on ongoing basis. A lot of players provide statement upload facility where you can just upload your Bank Statement, Credit card statement or other demat statements and the software will put out the information and feed it automatically, thus reducing your work. Some softwares like Perfios allow you to link your accounts with them so that they can pull your information and feed it themselves (read only).

Below is a comparison of 4 major Portfolio management software’s in India market and used by thousands of people (you can read their reviews on their website). They are Perfios, mProfit, Investplus and Intuit MoneyManager

Portfolio management softwares in India

Look at the above video done by me and Manish Jain from Mprofit .

Free and Trial versions

I would say you should take advantage of Free and Trial versions of softwares, Like Mprofit gives away a full functional 30 days trial, where as Perfios and Investplus have free versions which are good enough. If you don’t want to use any software, you can manage your finances at very basic level in an excel sheet, but you will have keep updating the values etc from time to time as the situation changes, which is not the case with softwares, as they auto-update the values.

Free tools for Portfolio management

A lot of people don’t go for advanced tools and use free tools available in market which does a good enough job. Tools like money-control tracker and Valueresearchonline tracker are used by lacs of people to track their mutual funds and stock holdings. But they do not give you all the functionalities which fully fledged software’s give to you. Below is the chart explaining Arthamoney, Moneycontrol , Valueresearch and Moneysights portfolio trackers. I hope liked this review of Portfolio management softwares !

Free portfolio management softwares

I would say you should definitely try out some softwares which provide a free version and also explore the free options, there is lot they provide free of cost and all you need is to put your data there. Some other tools which you can use are rediff money (only for stocks and mutual funds, but I like the UI), myirisplus, yodlee and Please share what more do you look from these softwares and what do you think about the value you get out of these management softwares?

6 Free Portfolio Management Software Licence from Perfios

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Perfios is willing to give away 6 free Platinum licences to Jagoinvestor readers for the first year (worth 1499). The first 10 commentators who share this article on their Facebook profile will get those licences (just cc manish at jagoinvestor dot com) (to share it on Facebook, just “like” this article below and put your comment in the box which opens). 

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  1. Marshal

    i have used acemoney and it uses local computer for storage, you can track stocks, MF, etc. It also have nicely done reports including graphs and all.

    • Marshal

      I can see its a paid product ($30) … What all does it provide which a free version of some tools dont provide ? Perfios has a free version , you can try that .


  2. Karthik

    Liked on FB with my comment but half of it got swallowed :)

    Here is the full comment:

    I have used the free version of Perfios and it is good. Am not sure if they store the data in their server – guess they do it on local PC. Login details are for sure not stored in their server.

    BTW, one more tool is Yodlee’s Money Manager.​/. Their authentication is too complex and make you remember your great grand father’s maternal great grand mother’s name & all 😉

    In any of these the biggest problem is that people are not disciplined to review / add / edit some details [Not everything comes up automatically]. If someone were that disciplined, he would use an XL sheet and be happy with it :)

    BTW, looking forward to the platinum account from Perfios :)

    • Karthik

      I have used Yodlee and it really has a complex authentication method . Did you try perfios ?

      You win a free licence of perfios , I will send your email to them along with cc to you . Congrats ! .. Watch out for Action month on 16th Aug for the biggest event in the history of personal finance blogging :) .. see you there ..


  3. Rajkumar

    Good article. I used ArthaMoney for sometime and currently use excel to track my portfolio. Let me try the free licence if i get one.


    • Rajkumar

      Are you ok Arthamoney linking your accounts , that means sharing your credentials . nothign wrong in it , but its good that you are fine with that .

      I dont see you sharing it on your facebook , Also you never sent me any mail as required in article (see the article) . So let me check if there are more people before you who met the criteria or not


  4. Hemant

    I use perfios, and I like the fact that it stores the credentials of all the accounts on local machine. You should have taken this factor too in your comparison.

  5. Ravi

    Hi Manish,

    Though never commented I have been a regular reader of your side via Google reader.

    Personally I am very much scared to link bank accounts to such online managing sites. I have tried intuit manager , i really liked it. But i fear that data can be misued. There were many cases where call centre guys have misused data. I have not seen cases for portfolio managing sites, but just relating to it.

    However I maintain my portfolio in a excel(secured with password) having these tabs
    1. salary and its components (This i have seperate for me, my dad and my wife)
    2. fixed deposits
    3. shares. this shows profit/loss as well, linked to online
    4. Mutual funds
    5. external cash flow
    6. summary showing graphs and pie charts of expenditure, charts having shares classified on basic of mid/small/large caps, present value and by sector and for shares i have conneted to yahoo finance api for automatic updating value of shares

    For expenditure i track on daily basic logging them into excel and i classify on basis of type

    Since i feel i maintain it good already(may be overconfident). I am actually thinking what other benefit can online managing sites actually offer

  6. Harshit Patel

    Excellent Findings, I always wonder how do you manage to cover almost all the topics in personal finance…. Your articles are very Easy to read and understand….for a Common Investor as well…

    And no Need to ask for posting it on my FB page….. I do that without fail… on the Wall as well as on my Group… Thanks …Keep it Up…

  7. Vishnu

    Good one. I have tried Value Research and Money Control and liked them but it required lot of manual work since it did not support any upload.. (when I tried an year back)

    • Santosh Navlani

      hi Vishnu,

      You may want to try Though, we do ask users to enter data manually, but unlike the sites you have tried, entering data on moneysights is simple & quick. We don’t ask for info-fields like average unit price, no. of units, etc. that we can calculate on our own. Many JagoInvestor readers have tried & like it…i’m sure you will also benefit.


      Santosh Navlani |

    • Vishnu

      Did you try or moneysights ? I liked both of them .. you can give both try and see which one you like most .

      Perfios also support uploading data if you email them the documents .


    • Abhishek

      Are you talking about developing it as an independent software or on top of excel ?

      I think you can code things in excel to a good extent and make your own tracker


  8. Ashwin DSouza

    I used to use MoneyCOntrol for stocks/MFs, but used it for limited purpose. Mostly i ended up using a excel sheet for doing all my financial planning, and YES it is a tedious activity :( I will move to one of the softwares suggested above. Thanks for sharing this article.

  9. Ahmad Zaib

    Well I never tried any of these softwares, but I can give it a try.

    And BTW I didn’t get any popup on liking the post via the FB button 😀

  10. Mathu

    Good Analysis. I have been using Perfios, Moneycontrol and Valueresearch for quite a some time. Though perfios gives the best 360 degree information and reports, i found for mutual funds, value research is best, especially their “Analysis” section and updating SIP is very easy and it allows you to change SIP date every time. similarly Moneycontrol is best for Stock portfolio like you can easily view transactions under each stock line and particularly their alerts and news/reports about the stocks in our portfolio is excellent.
    And about the storing of user credentials in Perfios, they have an option to backup the credentials in their server which will be encrypted again with a password.

  11. Rakesh


    Good compilation. I have been using valueresearch for many years and am very satisfied with their service.


  12. Ramanji

    Hi Manish,

    Good article,

    I am using Intuit money manager , (11 months over ).
    money control for MF and stocks tracking .

    but in intuit only problem is ICICI account is not refreshing..
    we need to refresh manually, ( due to One time password).

    rest every thing UI, reports, trends, alerts every thing is good..


  13. Neelesh

    Let me start by saying that your articles are amazingly lucid and I’m glad that I stumbled across your site while searching for personal finance blogs a year ago. A Big Thank you to you for your blog! Now, related to the article: Which of these support the F&O Transactions? I checked out the free version of Perfios and don’t see the support for Futures & Options transactions. I think Investplus does have it. However, not certain about it. I believe the Pro version of Investplus automatically imports the transactions for F&O but the free one requires manual entries. I haven’t checked out the other tools mentioned but will definitely check them out. I’m mainly looking for F&O support in these tools.

  14. Anoop

    Yodlee (link provided in a previous comment) is usually the back-end engine for a number of the online portfolio management software listed in this article. It is free, but if you run into any issues in updating your account, they will take their time in solving it.

    I use it to track networth, expense analysis and cash flow. I can use it to track my Citibank, HDFC, StanChart and ICICI SB accounts, ICICIDirect, ICICI Pru and Birla Sunlife ULIPS.

    It also alerts me by SMS and email if there is any significant withdrawal or deposit.

  15. Vinay Shah


    Have liked your article and recommended that on Facebook as well… Let me know if i m lucky enough for the Perfios software :)

    • Vinay

      No , you were not amongst the first 6 . I have 4 more licence to give in one of the later articles .. may be you will be lucky that time .. I will put your name on priority


  16. Bhupendra

    Has anyone tried Microsoft Money? Looking for best money manager software brings up MS Money also on the internet.


  17. Philips


    An excellent and relevant article as usual

    If a bank (e.g.-HDFC) has a combined login/transaction password system would there be a possibility of the security being compromised, unlike banks that have separate login & transaction passwords

      • Ram

        Hi Manish,
        In HDFC bank, there is no separate transaction password. Once you are logged in to HDFC bank website, you can add third party accounts and make transactions as well. There is no secend level of authentication/ authorization for transaction.


          • Anoop R

            HDFC has only single-password security, which is a pity considering it is considered the “safest” private bank.
            ICICI has password+transaction passwd+”grid”-based card
            SBI has password+transaction passwd+sms-based authentication
            HSBC has password+hardware device authentication

            One thing I noticed was that HDFC did not allow online 3rd party payments, except for Indian Railways…its my experience, I could nt find any specific written matter on this.

  18. Anoop R

    I’ve used paid version of Intuit for over a year, but now switched to Perfios Platinum.
    Intuit is more user-friendly and has simple, but very useful graphical reports, but I find they are very slow to add new features.
    Perfios is relatively complicated, but offers lots of options. It is also more attuned to Indian users. Used their tax-filing wizard – it generates all data for ITR forms very easily. They also regularly add new features.
    Both of them offered great support, I believe both are worth the money.

    Have a good day,

  19. Abhinav

    Hi Manish

    Thanks for the excellent article!

    Can you please give a view on online transaction and CRM platforms for IFAs…thanks.


  20. singh

    Hello Manish

    Now HDFC Mutual Fund & also Birla Sun Life Mutual Fund allows us to invest online through two modes – one which requires PIN & other which doesn’t require the same. Can you please differentiate the two processes or are they similar?

    • Harsha

      I used excel till now and nothing else and the excel was very simple one .. nothing fancy , I dont track investments on regular basis so I dont need something which gives me daily or weekly updates


  21. Ram

    Hi Manish,
    I have a question, even the banks are MF houses provides view only access, the same can be missused if the login credentials are on the wrong hand. Once our sensitive personal information (like DOB, PAN number, account number, balance, address etc) are shared, the same can be missused in many places, not only with the account from which it was shared. We need to keep this risk in mind while using these softwares.

  22. james

    Hi Manish

    what difference or constitute in portfolio of all classes of debt (i.e FMP, Gilt Medium & Long Term, Gilt Short Term, Income, Liquid , Ultra Short term, GSec) . In detail If possible ,


  23. Deepesh

    Hi Manish,

    Great article!

    I believe the underlying purpose is to have a tracker which has documented all your investments, be it in Excel, web service, s/w or even a well organized paper folder.

    For past 7-8 years I have been using my own Excel (10+ sheets with macros) which has all the info. The file is encrypted and backed up at several places. So far it has served me well. For tracking I use data from Yahoo and VR. VR even gives me market cap split.
    If you can build ur own and customize it as per our reporting need, there is nothing like that.

    As for Perfios, I tried the free account and I must say honestly that I am not very impressed. And for a cost definitely there is no value add. Though they have good interface, but its more like if ICICI or any other brokerage firm spend a little time on their UI, they will more likely have similar one. Data wise it is alike. Most of the reports are merely simple aggregations that one can do on ICICI Direct or using the data from it and putting it in Excel.
    The real value of this tool is if you have multiple brokerage account or several AMC accounts, then such tool are excellent for you even at a cost.
    A/c security seems as good as any web service and it is pretty much up to you to trust or not.
    I definitely loved the auto account update, takes away lot of hassle for someone who doesn’t have any tracking tool and is sitting with several accounts.

    A big disappointment was with MF information reports. They are not custom to your information neither do they help you in decision making. I have tried Money Sights based on Jago Investor’s advice and I absolutely love it. It goes far and beyond on what is available in your brokerage account. Though they lack in capturing other assets classes and having a better data entry mechanism, I hope Santosh Navlani is reading.

    I haven’t tried other tools, but I believe this was best of the lot and still have miles to go. But surely an excellent tool if you haven’t got anything.

  24. Nitin

    Hi Manish,

    Very nice selection of topic. I am regular visitor to your articles and have found them excellent.
    You didn’t compare it with ICICIDIRECT or any leading site that also offer detailed portfolio tracking? So if we are doing all our investments through ICICIDIRECT, do you think it’s still valuable to visit one of these portfolio management services?

  25. Venshu

    I am using the following to track my investments in Mutual Funds and Equities:

    1) Moneycontrol – Quite good and easy to use but doesn’t have XIRR reporting.

    2) Value Research – User inerface is probably not as good as Moneycontrol’s but provides XIRR for both MFs and Equities. MF reports and research are quite detailed as well.

    I am using an Excel Template as well to update and monitor my MF investments. This Excel template is available ‘Free of Cost’ on
    Download link:

    Thank you Chandoo for the free Excel Template!!

  26. singh

    Is any of you facing problems with moneycontrol portfolio manager. I had added a monthly SIP last month in HDFC TOP 200. It was 7th July. SIP date was mandated as 10th August & so on. Instead of one (1), two (2) Purchase entries were made. It looked like I had a SIP of Rs. 2000 but actually I had only done Rs. 1000 SIP. So it is making double entries. I had heard this from a colleague too but didn’t believe him and now I am experiencing the same.

  27. Kumar Sankar

    Looks everyone is using either online tool or excel. Are there no popular desktop applications for personal finance/portfolio tracking? (MS Money is the only one listed in these comments.)
    I tried using Money control and Valueresearch trackers, both are online tools. Problem is they only track Equity and MF (last tried some 2 – 3 years back… not sure, if there are any further improvements).
    Sometime back I tried gnucash (, licensed under GNU. Looks good and provides many accounting as well as portfolio tracking options. It also provides, automatic updates of the equity/MF values, but never tried. Nothing specific to indian markets, but worth trying it. A lot better than simple excel sheet.

    • Hi Kumar,

      There are many desktop applications available depending on the exact needs. There is Investar for technical equity information. MProfit and InvestPlus are of course portfolio managers. Also, Easylife is another product you can take a look at as well.

      Manish Jain

  28. Sunil Mathias

    Hi Manish,

    Great Article and a fantastic website. I use simple Excel sheet to track my finances but I will definitely try the free ones suggested to improve my Excel sheet. Online security has always been a debatable issue and hence the arguments can go on forever.

    As a basic user of Excel, I would appreciate if the users tracking via Excel can upload their sheets so we could improve on the ones prepared individually. Also how could we update stock / mutual funds details on our sheets automatically rather than update it manually.

    Once again great work.


  29. Rajat

    Hi Manish,

    Great article as always.

    I have tried using InvestPlus family edition for now because it stores all the data in local computer. I am not sure if I will ever be comfortable with such a program which stores all my financial information in the company’s server.

    Though this program has a great User Interface and a easy learning curve I am a bit skeptical to use it – not sure why exactly but sill.

    I would like to point out an excellent free ware alternative to these softwares.
    Name: GNUCASH

    This was not available for windows some time back but now it can be used. :-) It is based on double entry mechanism and is completely customizable. Though it has a steeper learning curve than most softwares but I would say that its worth it.


  30. Paresh

    Dear Manish,

    I came to know about you few days back.

    I need some OFF LINE data management software for my family members investments like FD in various banks, NSC, KVP, Company FD, NCD, Stocks, LIC, Bonds ect…

    No need for on line update.

    If I ask how much FD my wife has in IDBI then software should show FD of IDBI only and if I say all FD then it should show all FD’s including IDBI. Say IDBI, HDFC, HSBC, ICICI…..etc.

    If I ask how much LIC i have , thus software must show details of my LIC policies with maturity date, premium date….. etc.

    I tried Perfios free services, but INTERNET is must for all the time….which is not possible for me so i need off line software.

    One of the member has developed such type of the data management software in Excel. I request to mail me the same on my e.mail ID [email protected]

    Daily up date for stock is NOT require for me, so i need offline of local software.

    Expected the response.

    Thanks and regards.

  31. Chaitanya

    I dont need daily and real time updates of my assests, so I maintain an excel tracker with all investments/assets/liabilites/receivables etc. and manually update it quarterly or on need basis.

    Good work on this article, but seems this is not for ppl like me who can spend a day’s time quarterly or so to update in excel tracker manually.

  32. Nikunj Patel


    I try Perfios. It is nice site. But I am also scare to share information like bank accounts, loan information etc. on site.

    It has good feature in compare to other site.

    Please send me free license for perfios for know more feature.

  33. Murali krishnan

    Very good Article on Money management. good for people like me who’s money management exceeded Excel. All the above software are worth for money. some good software even for few hundred rupees. In fact I’ve downloaded investplus and doing trials with Myirisplus, perfios, etc.

  34. Abhijit Shete

    This is very nice article. I have used Athamoney and Perfios. Till now I am very much happy with Perfios, but there are problems with Arthamoney. I also use Excel sheets to track my all financial transactions like, stocks, MFs, Bank accounts, Daily expenses etc. And also I am making changes to improve them as and when I feel. But your article has given good overall idea about this topic. Thanks on behalf of everybody reading this.

      • Yashesh


        Very nice article and information on one page. I also want to share my experience regarding intuite and perfios. I am using intuite since last two years and its very excellent in all manner. Perfios required so many changes and they are trying on same. Regarding MProfit I dont see any menu for recurring deposite. elase everything is fine.

        • siva

          Hi Yashesh,

          Thanks for sharing your experience but Which one are you using Moneycontrol-Intuite or ICICI Bank – Intuit ?

          I don’t see the Auto update of the Broking contracts in INTUIT whereas perfios takes care of this wonderfully.

          Please let me know how are you tracking your share market Investment details in INTUIT.

          Thanks – Siva

          • Aneesh

            Hi Siva,
            I am using Intuit Money Manager from money control for last one year. It is the cheapest safest simplest personal finance software available. It works excellent for me. For stocks,mutual funds I keeps my moneycontrol portfolio. Also added fixed sources like NCD,InfraBonds in moneycontrol portfolio. The rest bank, insurance , credit card accounts are linked seamlessly by IMM. For 365 rupees a year, its worth every penny. Highly recommended. I have used Moneysights in the past. It was OK though it gives algorithm based recommendations.

  35. Dear All,
    All of the above one more software is there in market since 2000, i.e MoneyWare 2000, the software maintaining Shares/Debt., MFs, Bonds, FDs and other investments including accounts. That means all your account part of tranaction will be in single entry book keeping in that software. Reports like Short-Term Gain Loss, Long Term Gain-loss, Speculation, Notional Gain-Loss. Automatic download of stock price at FOC. Above all it is marketed in 3000 INR with no yearly renewals. Rs. 3000 for life time subscription. Take it all

      • Ravi Patel

        I am a proud user of MoneyWare 2000 since 2009 and it seems a very good investment software for my personal investment including my family details in it.

      • Rupanand

        Hi Manish,
        I am using it myself since a long time. Its a single entry book keeping method used for all accounts. MoneyWare 2000 use the FIFO method to all investment transactions i.e. Equity, MFs, Bonds and all. Reports are in Windows and DOS mode as well. Reports can be export to excel/notepad od PDF. I Thing its a good software for Family/Group as well as personal individual.

  36. Chandra Mohan

    Dear Manish,
    Its nice article on portfolio manager. Is it safe to link accounts with podtfolio manager sites such as

  37. Chandra Mohan

    Dear Manish,
    Its nice article on portfolio manager. Is it safe to link accounts with podtfolio manager sites such as arthamoney

  38. Abhinav sinha

    Hi Manish,

    Thanks for the information on above topic.
    I have just started with the financial planning and was desperately looking for some tool like this.
    Tried Arthamoney and Perfios, but Perfios is much better.
    In Arthamoney we have to update the accounts detail or some of the information manually, we even unable to upload the statements directly from pdf.
    Thanks currently using Perfios free version.


  39. Niranjan Rout

    Thanks for putting up this.. I migrated to intuit with moneycontrol sometime ago. Now that they have asked to download our data since from 28-Feb they’d close the service. But they’d continue with ICICI.

    Have felt some accounts that dont have linkage (Ex. LIC now… ) makes it difficult since we get used to uto syncing rest.

    Find Perfios linking more sites than intuit that I used.

    Its good to see Perfios can be totally free.. May give it a tray soon before 28 Feb!


  40. m k

    I tried the free version of perfios. it has integration channels to obtain your investment information with most of the banks / insurane firms etc. which is a real food feature. That way it is useful. but the GUI was not very good. It could have have been made simpler on while and black. it looks decorative like an entertainment site.

  41. s

    You should try which offers both usability as well as personal finance management.

    MyUniverse is a unique solution which offers its customers an opportunity to manage their scattered finances through an integrated online money management platform. The unique platform enables customers to aggregate their bank accounts, investments including gold and real estate, credit cards, loans, incomes, expenses in a highly secure environment. The platform gives customers a single window view into their financial universe thereby helping them evaluate their actual net worth and provides advice on money management.

  42. Bharathan

    Dear Manish,

    Thank you for guiding us on the available software. Indeed very helpful. Can you suggest a tool that can support multiple currencies? I am trying my hands on Quicken Premier 2013 and it serves the purpose. However, it doesn’t differentiate between USD and INR when you connect your Indian bank account. Also, the investment part does not download the stock prices. In the end, I have to do everything manual when it comes to Indian bank account and investment.

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts in anticipation.

  43. rvsw

    Hello Manish
    This is a great article and a step in the right direction for people to learn to manage their finances. I am curious if anyone has had any experience in tracking bonds traded on NSE/BSE e.g. lets say I had bought NHAI bonds in 2011 and now I want to see their present value on the exchange. I find that most software only allow stock values to be tracked. I have not seen any software so far which allows this to be done. Any inputs appreciated

  44. Gagrin

    Hello Manish,

    Any software that tracks Gold & Silver prices online along with Stocks & Mf”s? I mean Gold & Silver physical prices not ETF’s.

  45. ashish sethi

    Very useful article, Manish.

    I started using mprofit and it had helped me a lot in managing my finances.Thanks again


  46. Pramod

    I have tested Perfios, it still needs enhancements. They have not built the logic correctly for the bonds program.

  47. Thiru

    Thanks for the review. Working in a large financial institution I am paranoid about how the financial data can be misused.

    Case 1: Online upload by providing credentials
    By providing credentials to a third party software the users may be potentially exposing themselves to a great risk with no legal options, when the terms of use of banks and other institutions clearly state that passwords and PIN’s should not be disclosed to anyone.

    “ICICI Bank is NOT liable for any loss arising from your sharing of your user IDs, passwords, cards, card numbers or PINs with anyone, nor from their consequent unauthorized use.”

    Does the software instutions have any agreement with the financial institution regarding exchange of data in a secure way and who assumes the fallout case in case of data loss?.

    Case 2 – Offline upload of statements
    Even the statement uploads the following “personally identifiable” data like name, address, telephone, PAN, Folio numbers, bank account numbers, credit card numbers. .etc can be extracted and stored in remote database. Even if they give all the claims about using all industry certifications we as ousiders do now know or cannot verify what level of internal data protection processes or mechanisms are used within the company. Even large companies experience data theft and loss. In other countries there are rules like HIPPA, DPA, PCI DSS, but here there is none and in case of data loss nothing can be done.

    Any person armed with this information can target the users or their family with spear phishing, and get all the remaining information to swindle your hard earned money. Heck a lot of the information is even available online – you just look at electoral roll which is publicly available to get your name, address, family and date of birth. You may be divulging a lot of information in your facebook or twitter accounts. Just think in a telephonic call with the bank what information they require to authenticate you and how much of that is freely available online. In case of PMS software you may be exposing your entire financial information in one shot.

    Solution: I recommend masking (replace characters with a logic of your own) all the personally identifiable information in statements before uploading to these software. I have verifired this works in perfios.

    For Protected PDF statements, you need to decrypt it, edit it and then use the same. Excel statements are more easy to mask.


    Excellent review,
    I have decided to purchase Mprofit Software. I searched on their site for pricing details, but it was not available there. If you are aware about the price list of their 3 version of softwares please give me one reply and help. Enthusiastically waiting for your reply. thank you.

  49. Gautham k s

    If i do not want to track the value of my portfolio,but just want to do accounts of my family by uploading contract notes of angel broking …. Which will be the right software for me.
    I am a portfolio advisor and handle HNI clients .

  50. Madhu Yadav

    Queries asked to hdfc customer care around Aditya Birla Money myuniverse integration with HDFC, as it has only a single password, though some transactions are OTP protected.

    1. Do they have a formal tie-up with you?
    2. Is the integration with them reviewed by HDFC security teams?
    3. Is it safe to use my login credentials on their site?
    4. Will they have only read-only access to my account?

    We request you to use our Net Banking website for the safer transaction

    Myuniverse customer care mentions they do store the login credentials encrypted on their US servers.

    Any thoughts?

    Any thoughts

  51. Dilip Kulkarni

    How would you rate the new breed of softwares/ facilities given by Economic times, or Google finance or Yahoo. agreed that they all have your data at their mercy and some people may not be comfortable doing it.

  52. Pranav

    Hi Manish,

    I have tried MProfit free version for stocks, MFs, FDs and bullion. But I found that it only gives an accounting average price of your stocks. Say I buy 100 shares of X at 100 and process goes to 200, so I free up my investment by selling 50. Now my actual average is 0 but MProfit still shows it to be 100 since that’s accounting average. Any software which can give me both?

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